Deambarino Birman cats
The birman legend
In a temple built on the sides of Mount Lugh, lived in prayer the very holy Kittah Mun-Ha, great Lama holy of holies, the one of which the God, Song Hio himself, has braided his golden beard. Not a minute, not a glance, not a thought of his life was not dedicated to the adoration, contemplation, and holy service of Tsun Kyan-Kse, the Goddess with the sapphire eyes, the one who presided over the transmigration of souls, the one who permits the Kittahs to live again in a holy animal for the duration of its animal existence, before taking again a haloed body with the full and holy perfection of the great priests.Near him was meditating Sinh, his dear oracle, an all-white cat whose eyes were yellow, yellow from the reflection of the golden whiskers of his master and from the golden body of the Goddess wiht the heavenly eyes.... Sinh, the cat to advise, whose ears, nose, tail and extremitites of his legs were dark like the colour of the earth, mark of the stain and impurity of all that touches or can touch the ground.

One night when Mun-Has was praying before the golden goddess, Thai raiders attacked the temple and the old priest was killed.Immediately, Sinh leapt upon the body of his master, faced the statue, gazed into the sapphire eyes, and silently appealed to the goddess who governed the transmutation of souls. As the priest's soul entered Sinh, the white hair of the cat's body became golden like the old priest's beard and its eyes became sapphire blue like thsoe of the goddess. Sinh's face, tail and legs became brown like the earth except where the feet rested on the slain priest, there they remained white, denoting purity.

Sinh's transformation inspired the other priests to drive the raiders away. Seven days later, Sinh died and carried into paradise the soul of Mun-Ha.The next morning all the other white tempple cats had undergone the same transformation as Sinh. Since then the priests have guarded their secret golden cats believing them to have the souls of priests.

The veil of mystery surrounding its initial background will probably never be removed. Only the birman holds the key to this mystery, and if you question them the only reply you will receive will be a discerning look from their inscrutable sapphire blue eyes, and the secret will be eternally theirs. This is where the legends ends and the actual history begins, but remember - legends usually carry certain elements of truth.